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The Complete Joy of Homebrewing

The Complete Joy of Homebrewing - Charles Papazian So...this guy really knows his stuff. The Complete Joy of Home Brewing is bursting with helpful information. As a beginner-beginner, I really appreciate the level of detail, not just in the “Especially for the Beginner” section, but throughout the whole book. From history, to measurement and temperature charts, to the equipment needed, to breaking down each ingredient, to the variations on each type of beer. The only thing I didn’t like about this book is that I think it could be illustrated a bit better. Other than that it seems like a perfectly comprehensive guide to homebrewing. I’ve never brewed my own beer and picked this up on a whim. Having flipped through it a bit I feel like I could give it a go. Some of the recipes sound right up my alley -- I can’t wait to try that Jeepers Creepers Light Lager.