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Everyday Food: Great Food Fast

Everyday Food: Great Food Fast - Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart Another great cookbook from Martha. We don’t use this one as much these days for entrees, just because most of the entrees are meat heavy, but the side dishes are top notch and veggie friendly. The title would indicate that these are super quick recipes, which actually isn’t the case. It’s a bit of a misnomer. Some only take 10 minutes or so, while others are upward of 2 hours. That said - they’re all super tasty (at least the ones I’ve tried). I also love that there’s a section devoted to breakfast. You don’t always get that, unless you buy a breakfast specific cookbook, and it was a happy surprise. I was also happy to see the sandwich section. In addition to the recipes, there are helpful tips throughout, guides, and nutritional information compiled at the end.