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Wolf Winter - Cecilia Ekbäck Reading this book is kind of like being in a hypnagogic trance - one foot in the dream world, one in the waking world, and a general sense of being unsettled. I've never read a book with such a heavy noir vibe that was set in the countryside - let alone the Swedish countryside circa the 1700s. But it totally works. The narrative lulls you along as you stumble into these pockets of something's-not-quite-right. And when I say lull, I don't mean that in a negative sense. Quite the opposite. The writing is melodic and almost entrancing, resulting in a very atmospheric read.

I wouldn't exactly call it a page-turner. It's not as easy to digest as the blockbuster thrillers and mysteries of past few summers (re: Gone Girl, Girl on the Train), but it has plenty of surprises and definitely pays off if you give it a little time. The characters are well established, the mystery thoroughly plotted, with a satisfying (though a bit hasty) end. I would definitely recommend this for mystery fans, particularly if you like Scandinavian mysteries.