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Makerspaces: Top Trailblazing Projects

Makerspaces: Top Trailblazing Projects - Caitlin A Bagley We're in the very, very beginning stages of planning a makerspace in our library and this was a useful resource to bring into the discussion. Our main concerns are: what can we afford, will students utilize it, how do we decide which technologies to spend our few dollars on, how can we possibly provide support when we're so short staffed, and how do we generate support/buzz/excitement/etc? These are all issues addressed by Bagley. If nothing else, it's good to know that nobody seems to go into these projects with absolute confidence, but the response has been good and they continue to evolve. I have a growing list of possible investments and will be recommending this book to the others on our makerspace team. It's hard to know for sure which of the programs discussed in this book are successful (as many are still in the planning stages), but now that I know who to watch for, I'll be checking in to see how they're doing.