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Using Libguides to Enhance Library Services: A Lita Guide

Using Libguides to Enhance Library Services: A Lita Guide - Library and Information Technology Association Kind of perplexing - it's geared toward beginners but written in an incredibly dry, academic tone. As others have noted, the first few chapters aren't necessary. Anyone using this book will likely already know what LibGuides is and will have already gone through the arguments over whether or not it's right for their library. It read like someone's dissertation, slightly adapted to serve as a how-to guide. There were plenty of screenshots, but they are all relatively small and grainy. Our library is on version 2.0, and all of the screenshots within were 1.0. There's not a drastic change between the two versions, and everything I read still applies...I suppose that's just a problem of writing a print book on technology. This entire thing could have been half the length with more practical how-tos and less theory and I would have found it twice as useful. Oh well! Glad I borrowed it from another library before purchasing our own copy :)