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Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi *GASP* I hated it. The hyperbole, the "romance", every single one of the characters. Hated it. It's a mildly interesting concept, but all the negatives kept it from being anything other than a mediocre YA dystopian. In fact, I'm taking it of my dystopia and sci-fi shelves because it hardly qualifies for them - it's 95% YA romance. The most interesting parts of this story (the superpowers, the pending conflict, the demise of our current society) were glossed over entirely. Maybe it gets better as the series goes on and these things are explored more fully, but this was such a snooze I can't even think about picking up the next one. Just the thought of trudging through another 300 pages of cringe-worthy makeouts, heart-fluttering, baffling figurative language, and wishy-washy characters is giving me anxiety.