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Ghost World - Daniel Clowes This baffles me. I can't understand why it's so highly regarded. Sometimes it's fun to be a hater, sometimes it's cathartic, but this was exhausting. There were a few one-liners here and there that made me chuckle, and others that, embarrassingly, sound like something my friends and I would have said in high school. But other than that it was just...mean. They're mean girls. They're misfits and witty and hating on "the mainstream" or whatever, but in the end they're just plain old mean girls. And unlike other books, shows, and movies that deal with mean girls, there didn't seem to be anything deeper at work. No real interest in why they were so corrosive, where their anger stems from, or why their relationships were all so toxic (even with each other). There were a few small attempts at this, but nothing to really grab on to. I'm just baffled.

I would recommend this for people who hate everything. If you can relate, you'll love it, if you hate it, you'll enjoy hating it. You can't go wrong.