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The Love of a Good Woman - Alice Munro I stutter-started this collection but I knew I would like it so I had to set it aside until I was ready. That happened to be yesterday and I'm very glad I gave it another go. I don't know what I can say about Munro's writing that hasn't already been said. It's eloquent, deliberate, and intimate. Each story is engrossing in its own right. Even the one or two I didn't particularly care for at the start had me hanging on every word by the end. Her characters are real. Their situations are painfully, heart-achingly real. She renders them with such delicacy and a total lack of preaching. There are some short stories I read and forget within a month. There are some I read and know immediately that I'll remember and return to them for years to come. These belong in the latter group. I'm eager to get my hands on more from Munro.