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Kraken - China Mieville Kraken begins with a vanishing squid. Its disappearance is met by Billy Harrow with confusion and dismay, as the giant squid serves as the climax of his tour at London's Natural History Museum. For Billy, this disappearance marks the beginning of an absurd and epic journey into London's underground world of mystery, cults, and magic. This book is not an enormous departure from Mieville's other works (in that it still combines elements of scifi, fantasy, magic, and a surreal imagining of London), but you might not/probably will not like it if you're looking for the hard scifi and more serious tone of New Crobuzon. Instead, this reminded me quite a bit of Neil Gaiman in its tone, humor, and generally playful nature. If you need a break from heavy literature but still want something smart and entertaining, this is a great book to turn to.