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A M M - Nick Totem AMM is almost like a mash of 28 Days Later, The Road, and Flowers for Algernon. The premise was interesting and I tore through it pretty quickly. The writing was a little verbose at times, particularly in the first quarter or so of the book. It was almost like someone told him "this needs more adjectives, at least 3 per sentence!" But then Totem seems to find his groove and the tone relaxes noticeably. Or maybe it doesn't relax, as the tension in the book is rising dramatically, but the narrative seems to come more directly from the main character rather than the author-as-main-character. From there the story becomes more engaging. AMM raises more questions that it answers, but that doesn't invalidate the effort in any way. I would recommend this to fans of apocalypse novels, zombie stories (no zombies here, but some similar themes), or medical thrillers.