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Yes Please - Amy Poehler Memoirs aren't really my jam but I keep seeing Yes Please on lists of new feminists texts (along side Bossypants and Not That Kind of Girl), so I felt like I had to read it. I don't know that I'd include it on any Feminism 101 reading lists...but I'll get behind any woman who lifts up other women, embraces strength, and talks openly about the difficulties of being a woman in the pubic eye. Poehler is funny (obvs) and smart with a sharp tongue, as my mom would say.

That said, I'm never quite satisfied with a memoir, even when it's someone I admire and someone whose work I tend to like. Like I said, though, memoirs aren't my jam. But if they're your jam, then jam on this. It's a funny, easy read. Poehler writes with honest humor about a number of topics that many women in the public eye would shy away from (postpartum, body image struggles, etc.). I listened to this as an audiobook while at work and had to stifle a laugh many, many times. The guest narrators she brings in were the cherry on top. There were moments that dragged, but again, memoirs are not my cuppa and I get bored with them easily, though Yes Please managed to hold my attention more than usual.