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Marvel and a Wonder - Joe Meno I'm not sure how or why, but this is actually my first time experiencing the nearly mythical and awesome Joe Meno. He has a truly fantastic voice and all of the characters were rendered beautifully. He is one of those gifted authors who can conjure up the precise ambiance they're looking for and create such expressive and human characters that it seems almost effortless. In that sense, I really enjoyed this book and will be looking to add more Meno to my TBR.

That said, there's something about horses that I just don't dig. They're beautiful and impressive (and my mom says I "just don't understand"), but I don't care about them. I think Black Beauty scarred me as a child and now when a horse is a central component of a story, my heart closes up to protect itself against such anguish. However - Joe Meno made me care a little bit. I was deeply concerned for that horse's safety and well being and was hoping against all hope that it would make it out alright.

I was much more concerned for the safety and well being of the grandfather and his grandson, however, and in building the suspense of their story I think Meno was right on point. The last 50 pages or so get a little cyclical and repetitive, kind of drawn out, but then those last 10 pages are oh so worth it.