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The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook

The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook - Editors at America's Test Kitchen Holy smokes, this is a really comprehensive cookbook, maybe the most comprehensive cookbook I've every seen. It's full to tips and techniques, and has a series of illustrated guides throughout. It has a nice section of essential ingredients and tools. I also like that each recipe is marked with icons to let you know if it's vegan, gluten free, and even whether or not it's fast. If there's a budding vegetarian in your life (or anyone who could stand to learn how to cook a few more vegetables), get them this book. I suspect that when I return this to the library, I'll be purchasing my own copy.

These recipes are accessible and familiar. It guarantees that you will know how to make the basics really, really well - and a well executed basic is usually better than a more complicated recipe that is poorly executed. This will definitely help build a solid foundation. That's not to say there aren't any recipes that are more exciting and complex, they're in there. I can't even count the number of bookmarks I put in on my first time flipping through and I can't wait to get cooking.