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Food52 Vegan - Gena Hamshaw "Eating vegan is, at its best, less a rejection of certain foods and more an embrace of foods that are bright and flavorful."

This is a great primer on vegan cooking. It's super accessible with recipes that range from the everyday/I-have-30-minutes-to-make-dinner to the more adventurous and time intensive. I thought the intro summed it up pretty well in saying that Hamshaw isn't just veganizing traditional recipes but showing that foods that are conceptualized as vegan from start to finish can be just as exciting. I love the design and layout and have basically the whole soup and entree sections bookmarked. I also liked the integration of prep tips and tricks throughout, along with the essentials section at the end. My only qualm is the lack of nutritional information, but it's not a deal breaker. I could have gotten down with a few more "out there" or exciting recipes, but this will be a great resource for the staples.

I have mixed feelings about the line I quoted above - I think that's a good approach for many, but for me the decision to eat more vegan food IS a rejection of certain foods. I'm a Midwesterner through and through - I love me some meat and cheese. So the choice to cut those from my diet is a very deliberate rejection of that industry. BUT. It doesn't have to be that way for everyone, I get that. Everyone has their own reasons and what this book does really well is it neutralizes the issue and makes it approachable to everyone, even people freaked out by the very concept of veganism.